Monday, June 13, 2005


With those rowdy non-evolutionist types making noise the National Academies is fighting back:
The National Academies, the flagship of U.S. science, said Friday it had set up a Web site to battle attempts to portray evolution as mere speculation about how life developed on Earth.

The Web site carries links to various reports on evolution, which some U.S. religious groups want to be taught in schools only if their own views of a divine creator get equal credence.

"The theory of evolution is one of science's most robust theories, and the National Academies have long supported the position that evolution be taught as a central element in any science education program," the Academies said in a statement.

And just who is this National Academies?
The National Academies is an independent organization that routinely provides guidance on scientific, medical and engineering questions to the federal government and other groups that may ask them.

And who is it that asked them, anyway?

Contra the NA, but the barbarians aren't at the gate: they're defending their hegemony.

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