Monday, June 20, 2005


Russell Shorto at the good ol' New York Times wonders What's Their Real Problem With Gay Marriage?. Subtitled "It's the Gay Part" the existence of the article is an interesting study in bicoastal liberalism. We could just as easily ask: Why Don't They Understand the Problem With "Gay" "Marriage"?

Shorto comes to a shocking discovery:
But as I learned spending time among the cultural conservatives who are leading the anti-gay-marriage charge, they have their own reasons for doing so, which are based on their reading of the Bible, their views about both homosexuality and the institution of marriage and the political force behind the issue.

We need an in-depth NYT Magazine article to tell us this? Again we have proof that organs such as the Times aren't impartial observers, but players who are writing to their audience largely composed of homosexual "marriage" supporters. Those who defend the institution of marriage as understood for millennia somehow become the obstructionist curiosities to be studied.

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