Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Anglican leaders want to know how a homosexual can lead the American Episcopal Church:
Anglican leaders are set to hear why the American arm of the Church decided to ordain an openly gay bishop - a move that almost split the worldwide Church.
The Primate of the US Anglican Church, Frank Griswold, is to deliver a report on the ordination of Gene Robinson.

Last year the Windsor Report sought an explanation into how a person in a same sex relationship could lead Anglicans....

In March this year the US Anglican Church, in a move to halt a slide towards a formal split, said it would not appoint new bishops or bless same-sex relationships for at least one year.

There are enough Anglicans (and American Episcopalians) outraged over this that their fellowship will be irrevocably split.

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The Dark Avenger said...

Bishop Robinson is the leader of the Church in N.H., but I was unaware that this made him the leader of the American branch of it as well.

The things you learn on the internets.......