Thursday, June 23, 2005


Bombay University (I was just by there a couple of weeks ago) is banning mini skirts to stop rape:
An Indian university plans to ban women from wearing mini skirts, tight tops and shorts, saying this will help prevent rape.
Bombay University officials say they would prefer to see women students in a traditional salwar-kameez -- a loose tunic top worn over baggy trousers -- with no deep neckline.

"An attire should be such that it should not be offensive or cause distraction to fellow students and lecturers," Vice Chancellor Vijay Khole told reporters.

Students are unconvinced:
Students have criticised the proposal saying it is not the answer to preventing rape.

"We are not children who should be told what we can and cannot wear," said a 19-year-old management studies student, Alka Mehta. "Rape is not related to what the victim wears but what is in the mind of the rapist."

Yes, it's the rare college age male who will be convinced that no mini-skirts is a good idea. Of course, having students--male and female--attired in a non-distracting fashion is only sensible in a learning environment anyway.

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