Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Eminent historian Dr. David E. Harrell appeared on FoxNews with Shepard Smith last evening, and today they've posted the report. He discusses his new American history textbook.

Dr. Harrell sometimes operates under the nom de guerre, 'Ed', when preaching or traveling to India. I've had the opportunity to travel with him to India twice, and plan another trip in January.

Update: If you're having trouble accessing it from the above link, it can--at least temporarily--be accessed on the Fox Report main page, where it is the featured story.


Jeff @ truth-in-love.com said...

Sadly, it's not displaying for me in either IE or Firefox. :(

T. Prater said...

I love the disclaimer at the end of the report. "Don't expect to find this book used all across the country. We found it mostly at small colleges and mainly in the South." They report we decide.