Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The New York Times todaycontinues its assault on tax breaks tied to religion, this time specifically tax breaks enjoyed by those defined as 'clergy'. Such tax exemptions understandably make an organization like the NYT livid. Not only is someone out there not paying the absolute maximum in taxes they can imagine, but its also those religious people.

I was amused by the way they characterize the housing exemption for ministers:
The housing deduction is one of several tax breaks that leave extra money in the pockets of clergy members and their religious employers.

Ha ha--where all this "extra money" is is beyond me. I just checked my pockets--no "extra money" there. Maybe I should compare my salary to that of Diana B. Henriques who wrote the article.

(If anyone needs to be penalized by the government it ought to be Rick Warren for preaching in that shirt.)

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