Thursday, October 26, 2006

THE NEW JERSEY HIGH COURT has discovered a right to homosexual marriage, and has now ordered the legislature to recognize it.


Chuck Anziulewicz said...

ACTUALLY, Alan, the issue of marriage is not addressed in New Jersey's constitution. For that matter the word "marriage" doesn't even occur in the U.S. Constitution! So if you want to be accurate, Alan, you can say that the New Jersey Supreme Court discovered a right to marriage for ALL couples, Gay and Straight.

Up to this point, Alan, the issue of marriage in New Jersey has only been addressed in various laws. The supreme court there determined that those laws treated Gay and Straight couples unequally, so the court has requested that the legislature resolve this inequality within 180 days.

As for what legal arrangements Gay couples are given, frankly I don't care whether they are called "marriages" or "civil unions" or whatever ... as long as Gay and Straight couples are treated equally under the law.

Joel1245 said...

Soon, marriage may not have anything to do with it if many proponents of the gay movement have their way.

Read Staney Kurtz's article on the real motive that many people in this movement are after.

You'll have to cut and paste it, but you can read it here:

Holmes245 said...

Actually, that link didn't work. Try this one: