Thursday, April 29, 2004


According to a recent poll, most men aren't:
More than half of American Christian men questioned in a survey were only marginally satisfied with their church experience, and most ranked family, money and health as more important than spirituality, according to a study released Wednesday by Promise Keepers. The survey also found that most of the respondents did not feel spiritually challenged.

The study, conducted by California-based Barna Research Group, surveyed 415 randomly selected men in six major cities who considered themselves ``committed born again Christians'' or ``active church members.''

I suspect that people who rank money ahead of spirituality on their priorities list would think they aren't 'spiritually challenged'. I would suggest that, in modern PC speak, is exactly what they are.

I understand that it speaks to a real need, but I also find that those who want to be more 'spiritually challenged' are usually people who duck out the back of the church building as the last 'amen' is uttered.

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