Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Michelle Malkin takes Ashley to task for her appearance at this past weekend's pro-abortion rally:
Pro-abortion leaders must be ecstatic. In a sea of angry (Hillary Rodham Clinton), haggard (Cybill Shepherd) and ghoulish (Whoopi Goldberg) women shaking their fists and waving coat hangers, Ashley's pretty smile helped put a softer, gentler and more glamorous spin on the morbid march for "reproductive rights."

Ashley's message to millions of young American women and girls: Opposing the partial-birth abortion ban is fun! Morning-after pills are cool! Sex without consequences rules!

But Ashley learned better, because mother Naomi certainly knows the truth:
Naomi has spoken eloquently for years about how she firmly rejected abortion as an unwed teen and repeatedly witnessed the miracle of life as a labor and delivery nurse. "I've seen ultrasounds ... you know that those babies are real," she told TV talk-show host Sally Jesse Raphael in 1998.

Ashley has long been a favorite of mine because of her undying devotion to my Kentucky Wildcats. In fact, she was actually at UK at the same I was. I guess we didn't hang out in the same circles since I don't recall ever seeing her.

It's too bad Ashley doesn't show as much sense when it comes to human life as it does when she cheers for the Wildcats.

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