Wednesday, April 21, 2004


You've got to give Hollywood credit for being consistent. The problem is that would be consistently wrong. Mel Gibson is shopping his movie The Passion of the Christ, which is nearing the $400 million mark in domestic box office revenues alone, to television. The problem is no one seems interested:
Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions has been shopping the movie to TV. Only ABC has confirmed turning it down, but executives speaking on condition of anonymity said it was doubtful for CBS, NBC and Fox, too....

The movie has also reportedly been shopped to pay cable networks, where content would not be much of an issue. HBO would not comment, but executives there have privately said the network has a full plate of movie premieres already scheduled for the next year.

Showtime has passed on the movie, a network spokesman said.

We certainly know about the delicate sensibilities of the modern television executive. They always want to steer clear of anything controversial or violent. *cough* *cough*

I suppose Mel will be forced to scrape by on DVD sales and, perhaps, periodic theatrical re-releases of the movie. I'm sure he'll weep all the way to the bank.

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