Thursday, May 27, 2004


Los Angeles County has a cross in its official seal. It finally caught the attention of the lovable folks over at the ACLU, and they've given L.A. notice:
County officials say the cross represents the Spanish missions (search), which are part of California's history.

They add that it would be expensive to redesign the county seal, which was designed in 1957 and appears on most official county property: walls, documents, water bottles, uniforms, cars and trucks.

On Friday, the ACLU gave the county two weeks to eliminate the seal.

Now no one elected the ACLU. They're simply a private organization of cranks. But they've given a municipality two weeks to comply with their wishes? Will it work? Ask Redlands, California:
Last month, the threat of litigation by the ACLU forced the city of Redlands, about 50 miles east of Los Angeles, to redesign its 40-year-old logo, which also included a cross.

If you give in to terrorists, you only encourage them. I prefer the attitude of L.A. County supervisor Mike Antonovich:
"Here you have this radical left-wing organization whose own symbol should be the hammer and sickle."

Just so.

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