Monday, May 24, 2004


If you don't want to see 'fractions' instead of 'factions', or desire to avoid 'sour ancestors' better hire these folks:
Thank the proofreaders at Peachtree Editorial and Proofreading that the Bible refers to "our ancestors" instead of "sour ancestors," and calls for an end to "factions," not "fractions."

The proofreading service caught those typos and others before the latest edition of the Bible went to press.

At Peachtree, attention to detail is more than a job description. It's a calling.

"Bible readers are less forgiving of errors because they expect perfection in the Bible text," said June Gunden, who founded the business with her husband, Doug....

A list hangs in the Gundens' office as a reminder of how much rides on their work. The list, a collection of notorious typos found in the Bible, features one prominent error from a 1631 King James edition: "Thou shalt commit adultery."

Of course, that may simply have been wishful thinking on the part of a 17th C typesetter.

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