Friday, April 01, 2005


The ACLU is shocked to find that a new government website promotes abstinence:
A new government Web site [that seems to be the one, ac] gives parents advice on how to convince their children that “abstinence is the healthiest choice.” That’s dictating values, say organizations ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to gay rights groups, and they want the site taken down.

...[T]he ACLU, the National Education Association and more than 100 other advocacy groups are asking HHS to take down the Web site.

Bill Pierce, an HHS spokesman, said he was not surprised certain groups dislike the site.

“They’ve always opposed us on the issue of abstinence. That’s fine,” [Health and Humans Services spokesman Bill] Pierce said. “One thing we do know about abstinence is that if you practice it, you will not have an unintended pregnancy or risk catching a sexually transmitted disease.”

Of course, on its face, the HHS stance is incontrovertible: abstinence is the healthiest choice for the very reasons he outlines. Is that relevant to these organizations supposedly concerned about children's rights and well-being? Of course not because despite their protestations to the contrary, they have their own 'values' to promote.

All the right people are against the website. Keeping it must be a good idea.

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Anonymous said...

Well, abstinence _does_ have a pretty high failure rate...