Monday, April 25, 2005


Senate majority leader Bill Frist is causing a stir with his televised broadcast to churches on the Senate filibuster issue. The connection is the idea that Senate Democrats are deliberately blocking 'people of faith', a charge that I tend to believe.

Liberals and media are up in arms about the broadcast claiming that religion and politics should be kept separate, which is ridiculous, of course. It's simply a way to push out a powerful part of the electorate the left knows will disagree with it. It's especially disingenuous when at least every four years we see white Democratic Presidential candidates clapping and swaying out of time in any number of black churches.

Quite frankly, I am uncomfortable with bringing partisan politics directly into churches. I know the church I work with would never tolerate it, although addressing certain public issues that clearly are connected with Biblical morality or freedom of religion are fair game. But those who are religious must never allow themselves to be forced from the public square, nor can we allow a not disinterested media to impose an unsurprising double standard into the debate.

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