Friday, April 08, 2005


That was the Biblical insight we got in the made for TV Noah movie a few years ago. Now, NBC is ready to cash in with "Revelations", in which
Bill Pullman ("Independence Day"), stars as a scientist faced with the toughest personal, professional and philosophical challenges of his life. Dr. Richard Massey is searching for reasonable explanations -- to explain signs that seem to indicate the apocalyptic end as foretold in Scriptures is in motion. To save humanity, Massey will have to let go of scientific facts and embrace faith. His first step in his quest to conquer the impending evil is to align himself with a nun (Natascha McElhone, "Solaris") whose devout beliefs are unshakable. Despite many obstacles, including their own fears and doubts, the two remain determined to prove that Man can regain control of fate. Time is literally running out in their thrilling, fast-paced race around the globe to thwart Armageddon -- and restore hope.

These Hollywood apocalyptics are always about restoring hope and man regaining control of his fate. That is, they are always about man being in control, which somewhat misses the Biblical point of it all.

But this is NBC's way of cashing in on the public's reaction to Mel Gibson's "The Passion" with a good dose of "The Da Vinci Code" throw in:
Due to the popularity of such books as 'The Da Vinci Code' and the box office success of such movies as 'The Passion of the Christ,' there's no denying the general public's interest in the supernatural and the spiritual realms," added Vince Manze, president and creative director, The NBC Agency.

For some reason, of course, we need a nun and the return of the Christ child (I guess they missed Acts 1--Christ isn't coming back that way). I bet there's a demonic priest somewhere, too.

I know you're worried that Revelations is only a six episode mini-series. Don't fear, more great Bible inspired shows are on the way:
"The Book of Daniel," about a minister (Aidan Quinn) who abuses prescription drugs and is visited by a "cool, contemporary Jesus," is in development at NBC. Fox is working on "Briar + Graves," a pilot about a priest who teams with a neurologist to examine unexplained events.

I'm so excited to see how Hollywood would make Jesus cool and contemporary....

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