Thursday, April 07, 2005


Openly homosexual Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson Christian Today >denies saying that Jesus might have been a homosexual:
Robinson reported that his comments were taken out of context and interpreted in an incorrect way. He has since commented that he has been "flooded with angry messages". However, he was adamant that he was simply making the point that the nuclear family was a fresh idea and that Jesus had lived a non-traditional life.

The openly homosexual bishop said, "What I recall is that the question was trying to get me to say that Jesus affirmed the nuclear family as the only way a family can be. I was just pointing out that you best check scripture again before you use the life of Jesus to try to pronounce a blessing on that."

What did he say, then?
The Christ Church website has a recording of the forum, and in it Bishop Robinson commented, "Interestingly enough, in this day of traditional family values and so on this man that we follow ... was single as far as we know; who travelled with a bunch of men, although there were lots of women around; who had a disciple who was known as ‘the one whom Jesus loved’; [italics added, ac] who said my family is not my mother and father, my family are those who do the will of God – none of us like those harsh words. That’s who Jesus is, that’s who he was, at least in his earthly life."

He continued, "I happen to think the traditional family is a wonderful thing. I’m a product of it. I dearly love my family, and I love my own family, with my own two kids. It just looks a little non-traditional. But this Jesus, when you ask who is Jesus, he was not terribly mainstream, was he?"

Does Robinson say it? No, not explicitly. But he's certainly implying an equivalency while still maintaining deniability. The Episcopalians can have him.

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