Friday, April 29, 2005


In a brilliant column Don Feder reports that the media has discovered--to their chagrin--that the new pope is Catholic. He wonders if that might cause them to wonder about some things:
Let me share a secret with you: You don’t have to be a Bavarian cardinal who came of age witnessing the horrors of Nazism to understand this. There are millions of evangelical Christians, Orthodox Jews and adherents of other religions that trace their roots to Sinai who understand that liberalism has opened a chamber of horrors and unleashed the monsters that have always lurked in the dark recesses of the human soul.

Closing that door and driving the creatures back to the Stygian depths from whence they came is the great work confronting all of us who embrace the Bible’s moral truths.

You’d think the left – which treats traditional Catholics as throwbacks – would be the least bit curious as to why Benedict XVI, Dr. James Dobson and your average Orthodox rabbi – coming from radically different faith perspectives – could read the Bible and arrive at the same conclusion on ethical questions – abortion is the taking of a human life, homosexuality is (as the Bible says) “an abomination,” killing the handicapped is morally indefensible, men and women aren’t fungible commodities, etc.

In what the Times intended as an indictment, but which -- in reality -- is a commendation, its coverage of April 20th observed of Benedict XVI, “In his view, the church does not exist so that it can be incorporated into the world, but so as to offer it a way to live.”

What will those crazy religious people think of next?

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