Thursday, December 19, 2002


What Jesus looked like is not question of great import. If it mattered, the Bible would have described Him. But the popular image of a wimpy Jesus with long hair and light skin is certainly as far from the truth as can be. Much of that imagery is based on perhaps the wishful thinking of its portrayers and also the (ahem) questionable Shroud of Turin. A reasonable scientific reconstruction of a typical Galilean Semitic male of the first century has been prepared, with attention paid to known Biblical facts about Jesus. It helps clear up a lot of misconceptions certainly.

The important thing, though, is what Jesus said and what He did. His earthly image was simply that of a common man, but also 'the image of the invisible God' (Col. 1:15), an image I believe seen at the Transfiguration. But as the Word became incarnate He also reminded us that man was created in the image of God. In becoming a 'common' man He reflected that Godly image. His life, death and resurrection made it possible for us to again show that in our relationship with Him.

I also like Barry Moser's representation of Jesus in his Pennyroyal Caxton Bible (also available in a trade edition), although he falls into the annoying 'long-hair' trap that the scientific reconstruction specifically avoided.

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