Tuesday, December 17, 2002


Scientists have revived centuries old frozen microbes discovered in the icepack of Antarctica leading them to speculate on whether life exists within the polar ice on Mars. Years of watching sci-fi movies piques one's interest in this sort of thing (will it be like Mars Attacks ?) and quite frankly I hope they do find something there simply because it would be pretty cool. However, evolutionist types will fall all over themselves pointing to it as proof of their conjectures. It will be no such thing, of course. It's hard for me to imagine God creating this big ol' universe and not playing around with it some (that may be an indication of why I'm not God and not the Creator of the universe), but I feel as sure as anything I'm sure of that there will never be intelligent life found elsewhere. Man is the creature made in God's image, and man is the creature Jesus died for.

Let the microbe search begin!

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