Thursday, August 07, 2003


William L. Anderson opines on where church-state relations are headed, and what the strategy of Christians ought to be. I don't find his warnings far-fetched at all:
When the government begins to strip conservative churches of their tax-exempt status for their refusal to ordain women and homosexuals, I believe it will then only be a matter of time before the civil complaints become criminalized. For now, discrimination cases are decided only in the civil courts, but should form hold true there as it has in other areas of federal law, U.S. attorneys will look to turning these things into criminal cases.

I would offer a general endorsement of his strategy, that is I don't think the panacea is to "elect the right people". I am no libertarian, however. And while we do not desire a "coercive" state, we must also recognize that all just law finds its root in morality. Dr. Anderson's thoughts are certainly worth your consideration.

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