Monday, August 04, 2003


After centuries of an unbiblical understanding of Mary Magdalene as a harlot, a much needed correction has been in the worksaccording to Time magazine.

Of course, those with agendas from every direction are interpreting Mary in their own self-serving ways. Many are now dragging out the always reliable (wink, wink) Gnostic gospels. Everything from Mary M. being the 'Holy Grail' as the wife of Jesus to being a clear example for female priesthood is promoted.

Mary M. quickly is becoming the 'angels craze' of the 2000s: taking a peripheral Biblical concept and making it the center of one's focus, adding your own agenda along the way.

The Mary Magdalene of the Bible was a godly woman, a faithful disciple of Christ and blessed to be a witness of the resurrection. I look forward to meeting her in eternity. But let's keep the focus where it needs to be--and where Mary Magdalene would want it--on Jesus.

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