Monday, August 04, 2003


I'm sure many of you have followed this, the soon-to-be Episcopal bishop V. Gene Robinson--who openly practices homosexuality--is now one step away from taking a seat as Bishop of New Hampshire:
Robinson said he felt "very peaceful on the inside" and "very humbled" by the results. He appealed to opponents not to leave the church, but said he would not be responsible if they did.

The fellow is, interestingly enough, a native of Lexington, Kentucky; his parents are natives of Nicholasville, where I currently reside.

In a touching endorsement of diversity, his daughter from a previous marriage spoke at the conference congratulating the Episcopalians for being so open. No report if his live-in homosexual lover spoke as well. Would the church elect him if he was shacked up with a woman instead of a man?

A 'conservative' Bishop George Marshall accurately analyzed the situation:
"It will prove once again that our church doesn't have the confidence to proclaim the Gospel," Marshall said. "Do not do this thing."

Without a doubt, the fix is in.

UPDATE: The final vote on Robinson's bishopric has been delayed at the last moment after accusations of "touching" and "pornography" have surfaced. Curiouser and curiouser.

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