Tuesday, August 12, 2003


FOXNews has written an article on something I've been meaning to post about: all those suggestive girl's fashions. How many of us haven't seen a young girl--a too young girl--walking around in short shorts with "JUICY" written across her derriere:
“Message” fashion — clothing with descriptive phrases stamped on the chest and behind — is the teenybopper look du jour. But critics say the trend, which sometimes includes provocative phrases and even expletives, can go too far.

And it's not just bold, suggestive words written provocatively across the butt and chest, but it's also the trend for suggestive, double entendre t-shirts. And we're not talking about 19-year old sorority girls, but middle-schoolers and younger. What parents are buying these clothes?! I saw what was probably a middle-school aged girl at the grocery the other day with a shirt that said, "I'll promise to be a very good girl, if you promise to be a very bad boy." Hello! Parents!

And Newsweek reporting on a rise in teenage prostitution is a surprise?

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