Tuesday, October 18, 2005


In the ongoing Dover, Pennsylvania case involving Intelligent Design ('ID') in the classroom, noted ID advocate Michael Behe testified in defense:
A biochemistry professor who is a leading advocate of “intelligent design” testified Monday that evolution alone can’t explain complex biological processes, and he believes God is behind them.

Lehigh University Professor Michael Behe was the first witness called by a school board that is requiring students to hear a statement about the intelligent design concept in biology class. Lawyers for the Dover Area School Board began presenting their case Monday in the landmark federal trial, which could decide whether intelligent design can be mentioned in public school science classes as an alternative to the theory of evolution.

Behe, whose work includes a 1996 best-seller called “Darwin’s Black Box,” said that students should be taught evolution because it’s widely used in science and that “any well-educated student should understand it.”

Behe, however, argued that evolution cannot fully explain the biological complexities of life, suggesting the work of an intelligent force.

As we'll keep asking, who is trying to stop debate and open inquiry in all of this?

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