Friday, October 14, 2005


A rich New Yorker is suing the Catholic Church because of past sexual abuse that caused him to become a homosexual:
A NEW YORK socialite who claims that he was molested by a priest as a child is to sue the Roman Catholic Church for £2.8 million, alleging that the ordeal made him grow up gay.

J. David Enright IV says that Father Joseph Romano sexually abused him at a Christian youth camp in the early 1960s, when he was seven years old, telling him that it was “a rite of passage”.

Were it not for the repeated assaults, which are said to have taken place behind a log cabin after evening prayers, Mr Enright, 51, is convinced that he would be straight.

“I believe that my life would be very different now. I’d probably be married, living in Greenwich with four children in boarding school,” he said.

“Romano bent my life.”

Mr Enright, a scion of two of New York’s most aristocratic families, who made his millions as an advertising executive for the Broadway production of 42nd Street, said that for years he kept his homosexuality private, dating women in the 1980s but secretly trawling for male companions. “I had a straight life in business, socially on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Then there was the other world, slinking around in Greenwich Village gay bars, finding mates,” he said.

One imagines the homosexual interest groups will not be too pleased by Mr. Enright's perspective as to the cause of his homosexual behavior.


D.C. said...

Hello Alan,

Mr Enright might not yet realize that if he is gay, it's simply because he was born that way.

Anyway, there is a huge difference between pedophilia and homosexuality.
All homsexuals are not pedophile and all pedophiles are not gay.

Homosexuality is a genetic disposition while pedophilia is a sickness of the mind.

If Catholic priests were allowed to have a normal emotional life, there would be more heterosexuals in the business and pedophiles would have a harder time to hide in these ranks.

Alan, I am not a devout Christian, far from that, but many of my dear friends are, so I hope you won't be offended by my humble opinion on this matter.

Bless you and your family.

Chuck Anziulewicz said...

One imagines the homosexual interest groups will not be too pleased by Mr. Enright's perspective as to the cause of his homosexual behavior.

I don't think ANYONE will be particularly pleased with Mr. Enright's perspective. In my opinion, he's simply another closeted, self-loathing Gay man who had decided to point the finger of blame at someone else rather than learn to accept himself as God created him. And his desire to sue is emblematic of our increasingly litigious culture.

Chuck Anziulewicz said...

One other thing I'd like to add:

If Mr. Enright was indeed a victim of child sexual molestation, my most sincere sympathies go out to him. Pedophilia is absolutely indefensible, and no doubt Mr. Enright, like any other such victim, has some significant emotional scars to bear.

But I doubt the abuse could have changed something as fundamental as his sexual orientation. If anything, such abuse would have made Mr. Enright more AVERSE to the company and attentions of other men.

Joel said...

Diane, where's the research that says that homosexuals are born gay. The homosexual movement and those who support it say this, but to this day, I have read nothing about the discovery of any "gay" gene, but I'm willing to look at what you have.


Chuck Anziulewicz said...


You're right. Although there have been some interesting leads that may link certain genetic markers with sexual orientation, there has been no definite identification of a "Gay gene." Nor, for that matter, have we identified a "Straight gene." Nor have we found a "Left-Handed gene."

All of us, Gay and Straight, are capable of choosing how we conduct ourselves in our daily lives. But that basic sexual orientation is innate. I've never heard a Straight person claim to have made a conscious CHOICE to be heterosexual. It's no different for those of us who are Gay.

Joel said...

So that would make adult incest appropriate since those who commit it are they are capable of choosing how they conduct themselves in their daily lives. I don't like where that reasoning leads.

Also, as long as you are admitting that CHOICE plays a part in it, you're admitting more than many are willing to admit or state.

Anonymous said...

One writes: there has been no definite identification of a "Gay gene." Nor, for that matter, have we identified a "Straight gene." Nor have we found a "Left-Handed gene."
However, there is nature. And within nature there is the natural and un-natural. The physical evidence that same sex relationships are an error and un-natural is the existance of the opposite sex. A brief review of the anatomy will clear this up.

It is innate in man and woman to have the ability to choose. It is evil that came into this world beside Adam that challenges us to do that which is right, including those who were formerly gay and have chosen to no longer take that path, and have since made the adjustments and are now straight. It is a choice.


proudconservative said...

OK. I am biology teacher at the college level. Primary sexual characteristics are of genetic origin. Secondary sexual charcteristics are of genetic origin. HOmosexuality is neither a primary or secondary sexual characteristic. It is not of genetic origin. Evolutionary hypothesis (not theory), a Godless discipline, teaches that species adapt through mutation to enhance the viability of the species. Evolutionists are, by their own admission, at a loss to explain the evolutionary utility of homosexuality. That is to say, the atheists, themselves, can't say that homosexuality is compatible with nature, whether one believes it is God's nature or it is not. Self-loathing among homosexuals occurs before one begins the practice and may continue after it has begun. It is a contributor to the deviant practice. The political/social movemenmt to sanitize the practice of homosexuality is really an attempt by homosexuals to purge their own feelings of self-loathing through public affirmation of their lifestyle. But in the end they are in their own way ,just sinners in need of a Savior, just like the rest of us.