Friday, October 28, 2005


Just in time for Christmas, I guess, images of Jesus seem to be all over the news. He, apparently, is now appearing in a maple tree in Rochester, NY:
A tree outside the Hickey Freeman factory on North Clinton Avenue is getting a lot of attention because some say they see the image of Jesus in the bark and bare trunk.

Jim Holtz says he made the discovery early Monday morning. “I always look over in this direction and I saw the tree and I said am I seeing things. Then I came over to see if anybody had spray painted the tree. They didn't.”

Holtz was back Wednesday with camera in hand. So were scores of others who'd heard about this phenomenon.

People stopped their cars to stare, others walking by couldn't help but study the tree.

People say the face of jesus appears to be looking downward. Alex luzu can't believe it.

“It’s amazing. It looks like the same thing I saw in Florida. Cause in Florida...Tampa I seen the same thing. It’s real.”

So what does it mean? Why would the face of Jesus appear on a silver maple tree in front of the Hickey Freeman factory? Some believe it's a message. Deborah Lewis believes she can interpret the message. “I believe it's a meaning in the sense can't see Jesus, but in the sense that its showing that I am real...I'm coming back soon which is all known...He will be back.”

Theresa west believes it points to hickey-freeman's religious roots. She knows Jeremiah Hickey who ran the company for many decades. “I do think that he was one of the most religious men I have ever met.”

Mental note to wear a Hickey-Freeman suit while preaching. This seems to be a divine endorsement--forget Oxxford, Samuelsohn and Southwick. The Italians seem to be right out.

And what else would you expect a fish bone Jesus to bring other than, um, 'luck':
An Oklahoma couple who says a fish bone bears the image of Jesus is selling it on eBay.

The Newmans said they received the fish bone from a friend 10 years ago, and they've had good luck ever since.

Now, they said it's someone else's turn.

There is a legend that the type of fish the bone came from, a sailcat, was chosen by Jesus to remind people of what he went through.

The skeletal remains are now up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $29.95.

Luck and profit--who knew?

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