Saturday, October 15, 2005


Oh, the humanity! Steven Stough, who is suing the Dover (PA) School Board in hopes of stopping intelligent design from being taught in schools there, fears for his daughters psyche:
A parent who is among eight families suing to have "intelligent design" removed from a school district's biology curriculum said he feared his daughter wouldn't be accepted by other students because of her views.

Steven Stough, whose 14-year-old daughter is enrolled in high-school biology this year in the Dover Area School District, testified Friday that she would probably ask to be excused during the reading of the statement concerning intelligent design — unless the policy is overturned by the court.

Asked to describe the consequences she would suffer as a result of refusing to hear the statement, Stough said, "She's harmed by that because she's no longer part of the accepted school community."

Yes, I remember the shame I felt when I was excused from the classroom reading of the Pythagorean theorem way back when. We must--we must!--consider the effect on the children before we continue with such madness.

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