Thursday, March 04, 2004


(Not for the faint of heart)
You may recall an earlier post discussing Britney Spears and her mother tearfully responding to an altar call. I thought an update might be in order. Here's a concert review from the New York Times:
Britney Spears's white terry-cloth robe dropped to the floor, revealing a sequin-covered body stocking. She stepped into a bathtub that, like her bodysuit, was see-through. In shadow to her left, like silhouettes seen through hotel room windows, men and women in beds mimed passionate sex with one another.

Beneath them a man wearing only tight white briefs splayed his legs and gyrated on a bed. After her mock bath Ms. Spears, wearing a pink bra and panties, rolled around in bed with him as two male dancers to their left took off each other's pants and danced suggestively together.

I guess the religion thing didn't take.

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