Sunday, March 21, 2004


A jury composed of Methodist pastors has ruled actively lesbian pastor Karen Damman can continue in her job:
Meredith Savage, Dammann's partner of nine years, said she called their 5-year-old son after the verdict and shouted, "Mama won!"

Even the pastor who served as the prosecutor in her case and the bishop who filed the initial complaint against her said they were pleased with the verdict.

Church law prohibits the ordination of self-avowed, practicing homosexuals and the church's Book of Discipline (search) declares homosexuality to be "incompatible to Christian teachings." But the church's social principles support gay rights and liberties.

The jury issued a statement saying the church "did not present sufficient clear and convincing evidence to sustain the charge."

Not enough evidence? Perhaps they needed to ask her lesbian lover in attendance.

Ultimately, the Methodists expect their congregants to get over it:
Bishop Elias Galvan of Seattle acknowledged the verdict will upset some people.

"The church is not of one mind," Galvan said. "I expect this issue to continue to be raised until society comes to terms with it."

It's really immaterial whether society comest to terms with homosexuality. The question is whether the Methodists will come to terms with Biblical strictures. I think we have a pretty good indication where they're at now.

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