Friday, March 26, 2004


A topic we haven't discussed at theosebes in some months are the archaeological treasures in the cradle of civilization. As Iraq opens up archaeologists may rewrite the book on civilization:
As security improves to allow excavation, evidence may emerge that advanced societies existed in the area much earlier than previously thought, said Dr. John Russell, professor of archaeology at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

"A decade of research in Iraq could rewrite the books of archaeology, no question," Russell, who is currently serving as a senior adviser to Iraq's ministry of culture, told Reuters on Thursday at the opening of new conservation and restoration laboratory at Iraq's National Museum in Baghdad.

But it's too early to make great progress yet:
But the big hurdle is security. Almost a year after Saddam Hussein was overthrown, many areas remain unsafe and armed looters are a common enemy, particularly at remote sites.

Ah, just to imagine all the treasures that Iraq must hold.

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