Friday, March 12, 2004


A fifth-grade boy at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Satsuma, Alabama was Suit: banned from distributing Bible passage at a school party, and the boy's parents have sued:
According to the suit, Robert and his mother, Suzette Dowd, made "joy jars" for him to give classmates at a Christmas party at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Satsuma on Dec. 18. The gifts were small jars stuffed with slips of paper containing Bible verses and positive messages about Jesus.

But while students were away at recess, teacher Myra Lucas opened the jars and removed the slips after discussing them with Principal Deborah Altman, according to the suit.

Lucas later told Robert that "because there are Muslims and all sorts of religions, Downtown won't let you bring those things," the lawsuit claims, apparently referring to system administrators and rules against promoting religion in public schools. Altman later told Suzette Dowd essentially the same thing, the suit states.

I can tell you one thing, had the man for whom the elementary school is named been successful in his life's endeavors, we wouldn't have to worry about this sort of thing!

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