Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Fred Reed detects the evolutionary jihad:
If the faithful of evolution spent as much time examining their theory as they do defending it, they might prove to be right, or partly right, or discover all manner of interesting things heretofore unsuspected.

Among the articles of faith: Life evolved from the primeval soup (sheer conjecture; the existence of the soup is inferred from the theory); evolution occurred, as distinct from change; accounting for all characteristics of life (mere assertion); natural selection being the driving force (unestablished). Many of these points are logically separable. Since evolution serves the purposes of a religion, namely to explain human origin and destiny, they are invariably bundled.

He also raises a question that has long puzzled me:
Homosexuality in males works strongly against reproduction. Why have the genetic traits predisposing to homosexuality not been eliminated long ago?

Either there's no inherited genetic trait leading to it, homosexuality is an abnormal mutation or it's really just a behavioral choice.

Anyway, it's worth looking at.

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