Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Yesterday Mark D. Roberts had the good taste to comment favorably on my review of The Passion. I took the time to follow the link to his site, and was very glad I did. Today he has a nice review of ABC's movie on Judas (which I sadly did not see). Dr. Roberts has a number of thoughtful pieces with scholarly underpinning written in a popular style. I find it pitched just right. So if you're wondering about such things as what language(s) Jesus might have spoken or for commentary on religion in the news from a conservative perspective, it's well worth a stop.

(Caveat: Since Dr. Roberts and I have some theological differences, I just wanted to state that I do not necessarily endorse every doctrinal position he might take. (I doubt he would endorse all of mine, either!) I'm sure he would agree that anytime you're reading someone's writings have your Bible handy and base your decisions on what it says.)

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