Tuesday, May 16, 2006


A new poll indicates that reading The Da Vinci Code undermines belief:
"The Da Vinci Code" has undermined faith in the Roman Catholic Church and badly damaged its credibility, a survey of British readers of Dan Brown's bestseller showed on Tuesday.

People are now twice as likely to believe Jesus Christ fathered children after reading the Dan Brown blockbuster and four times as likely to think the conservative Catholic group Opus Dei is a murderous sect.

That's a difficult thing to gauge, of course, due to the fact that those who read the book are obviously a self-selected group. Still, it points to the reality that education on the facts that counter the book needs to occur.

Meanwhile in Cannes, audiences have been underwhelmed by the movie's initial showings.

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Jeff @ truth-in-love.com said...

Most of the tepid or negative reviews seem to be harping on the movie soft-pedalling the book's anti-Christian message. I understand a very postmodern new ending was crafted, where Tom Hanks' character basically states that each person is entitled to their own faith and their own truth.

I suspect if TDVC were more condescending toward religion, it would receive a reaction more similar to that of THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST. That was a truly awful film that got rave reviews solely on the basis of content.