Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Gideons have been banned from leaving Bibles in Australian hospitals:
The banning of bibles in Queensland and Victorian hospitals was political correctness gone crazy, Health Minister Tony Abbott says.

Almost all of Melbourne's main hospitals have withdrawn bibles because of the risk of them spreading germs.

And Gideons International, which supplies bibles to hospitals and hotels worldwide, said it had been banned from leaving bibles at several Queensland hospitals to prevent giving offence to non-Christian patients.

Mr Abbott told parliament there were enough problems with state hospital administration without adding concern over bibles.

"I can inform the House that administrators in Victoria and in Queensland have just discovered a new priority - it's banning bibles," Mr Abbott said.

"This is not an infection control measure - it is a thought control measure.

"It is political correctness gone crazy."

Yes, that's exactly the group from whom to keep Bibles.

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