Friday, May 19, 2006


A study of black Americans has concluded that religious activity lowers blood pressure:
Researchers found that people in the Jackson (Miss.) Heart Study who were involved with or participated in religious activities had significantly lower blood pressure than people who did not, even though the people involved in religious activities were more likely to have high blood pressure, higher body mass index (BMI) scores, and lower levels of adherence to medications....

"Our findings show that the integration of religion and spirituality -- attending church and praying -- may buffer individuals exposed to stress and delay the deleterious effects of hypertension. These practices can be useful for individuals to incorporate into their daily lives," [Sharon] Wyatt said.

If you feel that the weight of the world is on you, no wonder you would feel stress.

[Thanks to Jeff at Truth-in-Love for the link.]

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Jeff @ said...

Most interesting to me was that the headline and lead paragraph attribute it to that oh-so-nebulous "spirituality," when the study itself was actually about religious activity, not "religion without rules" spirituality.