Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Thespian Paris Hilton refused to see her own movieat Cannes because there was too much nudity:
Hilton plays the lead character Victoria English in Pledge This!, but boycotted the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival after discovering the producers had added extra nude scenes without asking her permission, it was reported. quoted Hilton as saying: "I took the part on the assurance I wouldn't do any nudity. I wanted to do something where I'd be taken seriously, and they added a load of scenes with naked girls.

"I was so angry I snubbed my own premiere."

If I'm not mistaken Meryl Streep got her start in a National Lampoon movie, too, so clearly it is the path to being taken seriously as an actress.

You've got to know one thing: If Paris Hilton's sensibilities are offended it's got to be bad.

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