Wednesday, November 27, 2002


It seems that Yves Saint Laurent (how do you pronounce 'Yves' anyway? GAP is a lot easier to say!) is 'pushing the envelope' (don't they love doing that?) with a new ad campaign for their fragrance M7, 'which features a man wearing nothing but the hair on his skin -- and reclining with his legs spread,' FOX reports. It's okay, though:

'The nudity is meant to show an unconventional attitude that communicates style and confidence,' said Brad Horowitz, VP of marketing at Clarins Fragrance Groups, which distributes the fragrance. 'This man is a little daring but he's not taking himself that seriously. It's an amusing nakedness.'

Well, that's a relief. It would be a different story if his nakedness wasn't 'amusing'. But even Alice Cunejo, San Francisco bureau chief for Advertising Age sees it for what it is, 'You wouldn't have seen this 10 or 20 years ago,' she said. 'It's borderline soft-core porn.'

Last night my brother-in-law Mitch was telling me about an article in the University of Memphis' student paper about a group of female converts to Islam at the school. The women all wear the traditional clothing of a hijab. One of the women commented,

“We do not feel oppressed,” said Eboni Leake, a former U of M student who converted to Islam during her junior year. “We wear the hijab for modesty, and to be respected for who we are. The guys don’t talk in a way that would demean women when I’m around anymore, and if they do, they apologize.”

Now we're looking at two extremes, but which extreme finds women (well, men for that matter) treated with respect? The extremities of Islam are seen by these people as a refuge for those who are rightfully disgusted with our oversexed culture. There's an opportunity here for Christians. More people are open than we think. The fields are white unto harvest--let's see them led to Christ, not Mohammed.

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