Thursday, November 21, 2002


Yes, What Would Jesus Drive? The Evangelical Environmental Network has begun a campaign to convince us all that Jesus would never have driven a gas-hog SUV or mini-van (trouble for me since we bought one over the summer--where else to put these kids!?). Jesus would have been interested in alternative fuels it seems. The implication seems to be, if you're not so concerned then Jesus will be none too pleased with you.

Well, I think there is an expectation of stewardship. God has given us His Creation to oversee; we need to be responsible with it. But God ultimately is concerned with eternal things, not the transitory. I'm personally uncomfortable with an ad campaign that implies the authority of Jesus on something without some explicit reason for doing so. It makes me think of the 'Jesus was a vegetarian' campaign launched by PETA. Forget the fact Scripture records Him eating meat, and never implies vegetarianism as a lifestyle. We need to show more reverance in throwing the name of Jesus around for our pet causes.

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