Wednesday, November 13, 2002

SETTING THINGS in order was the subject of Tack Chumbley's lecture yesterday at Annandale. He gave an exposition of Titus pointing out that Titus was literally to make things 'straight'. Paul was concerned with 1) straight leadership, 2) straight speaking, 3) straight living. The point I liked the most was in Chapter 2 where Paul instructs Titus to teach the older men, the older women and the younger men. But note that the older women--not Titus--were ordered to instruct the younger women. Not only are most men at a loss to competently address many problems that younger women might have (into which older women have obvious insight), but Paul's system also protects preachers from the dangers of meeting one-on-one with younger women. Preacher after preacher has fallen victim to sexual sin arising out of just such a situation. Young women seeking counseling are often very vulnerable emotionally. We do them, ourselves, our families and God a great disservice by not taking proper safeguards.

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