Monday, November 25, 2002


We'll all sleep a little safer tonight after a successful Rally For a Hate-Free Lexington protected us from the kooky forces of Kansas preacher/protester Fred Phelps. Phelps showed up with his minions of ten people to protest the recent christening by a Catholic priest of quadruplets being raised by a Lexington homosexual couple. The Hate-Free crowd responded by killing a flea with a hammer. The local tv news led with the story and ran with it for seven minutes, an eternity in a 30 minute news program. I'm glad there's no agenda there.

Is Phelps nutty? Without a doubt.

Is a homosexual couple raising children a good idea? No it's not.

Should the Catholic church baptize the homosexual couple's children? The children aren't sinners (well, I don't think they are, the Catholic church does or they wouldn't 'baptize' them), so if the Catholics are going to baptize infants I don't know why these should be excluded. My problem is with the practice of infant baptism. Of course, the priest went beyond the baptism and 'blessed' the couple. If I was a Catholic I would have a problem with that.

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