Friday, January 17, 2003


A big hats off to "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Patricia Heaton who walked out of the American Music Awards because of the vulgarity being shown by the hosts The Osbournes (i.e. Ozzy's & family). Despite being a scheduled presenter for a video retrospective, the two time Emmy Award winner got up and left:
"I arrived a little late and was seated in the audience," Heaton said. "I was going to present what's called a video package - a look at 30 years of the American Music Awards. Well, what was passing for humor basically ranged from stupid to vulgar, and I just thought, 'I'm not going to be part of this.' So I walked out and said, 'Get me my car. I'm leaving.' "

It's nice to know at least a few people in entertainment have standards. I'll enjoy "Everybody Loves Raymond" just a little bit more now.

UPDATE: More reason to like Heaton. Thanks to Susanna for the link.

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