Saturday, January 11, 2003


Invoking the 'culture' aspect of theosebes weblog, I couldn't resist posting on this one.

Much to the dismay of consolidationists everywhere, a new Zogby poll shows that the majority (55%) of people find the Confederate battle flag as signifying 'heritage and history', while only one third saw it as reflecting 'oppression and racial division'. Despite 150 years of systematic demonization of everything the South actually stood for--essentially the inherited rights of Western Civilization in contradistinction to centralization and social levelling--only one-third of people are actually buying into it. This continuing reluctance of folks to simply cow to the centralizers causes great consternation among the powers-that-be. The Lott controversy, for example, wasn't about 'race', it was about Lott not lining up the right way. It was about unacceptable dissent agains the Leviathan state. So is the banning of the battle flag.

So wear your Dixie Outfitters shirt, don't believe everything the media tells you and pray to your Father in heaven.

T.S. Eliot wisely said, there's no such thing as a lost cause, because there's no such thing as a gained cause. Just so.

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