Tuesday, January 14, 2003


In an article subtly titled 'Was Jesus a Stoner?' in the drug magazine High Times, Chris Bennett contends that Jesus and His disciples were users and purveyors of cannabis (i.e., marijuana, weed, etc.) according to a Guardian article:
Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.
The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract, according to an article by Chris Bennett in the drugs magazine, High Times, entitled Was Jesus a Stoner? The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis extract, suggests Mr Bennett, who quotes scholars to back his claims.

Did the anointing oil contain cannabis? I've not looked into, but I'll concede it. And certainly anointing oil was used medicinally in Biblical times (cf. James 5:14). It wouldn't be surprising if there was an herbal content that has actual medicinal benefits; it's regularly found that such traditional herbal medicines do. It's likely that it could have caused a lessening in pain, for example.

However, Bennett's assertion that the cannabis is responsible for Jesus' healing powers is a little hard to swallow:
Quoting the New Testament, Mr Bennett argues that Jesus anointed his disciples with the oil and encouraged them to do the same with other followers. This could have been responsible for healing eye and skin diseases referred to in the Gospels.

What was responsible for Jesus' healing power wasn't weed, but the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit. Show me someone who has healed blindness from birth or leprosy with cannabis and maybe we'll talk. Then I'll ask you to show me someone who was raised from the dead.

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