Wednesday, January 22, 2003


1.3 million infants are killed every year in the USA by abortion. That's gone on legally for 30 years now. It is without question our national shame.

While Roe v. Wade is a joke as Constitutional Law (the same people who can find abortion in the Constitution can't seem to find capital punishment and the right to bear arms--guess which ones are specifically mentioned and which one isn't), it's not a court issue, it's a public morality issue. Abortion is legal not because the Supreme Court said it was, but because the American people have tolerated it. We have a nation 'without natural affection'. Changing that doesn't start with nine people in black robes; it starts in people's hearts.

Today, think about those millions of people who aren't at your job or at your church or in your child's school because they never had a chance to be born.

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