Friday, January 31, 2003


Remember back when those on tv weren't allowed to actually consume alchohol on camera? Well no more! The new 'hot' trend on tv?--liquor 'em up!
"In an increasing number of instances, alcohol seems to be used to loosen people's inhibitions," said Adam Buckman, TV writer for the New York Post.

The latest incident came during Sunday's post-Super Bowl premiere of Kimmel's talk show, when actor George Clooney passed around a bottle of vodka and an over-baked audience member had to leave after vomiting during a commercial break.

Well, you can't beat that for entertainment.

Buckman correctly observes, "It seems like the increase in alcohol use in TV goes hand-in-hand with an increase of profanity and the coarsening of TV. It's too bad TV can't help itself from getting sleazier and sleazier."

Nice to see the entertainment industry still moving in a positive direction...

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