Wednesday, January 08, 2003


Roc-a-fella Records--a 'hip-hop' label--will now 'encourage' their, um, 'artists' to include references to Armadale vodka in their, um, 'songs' after signing a product placement deal with the Scottish vodka producer. Damon Dash, CEO of the label, is going into it with eyes open:
Dash, 31, isn't naïve about the sway his label's musicians exercise over fans. In fact, he says he was inspired to make the deal after he noticed the buzz created by Jay-Z's mention of Belvedere vodka in one of his songs.

"We know what influence we have over our demographic, and we like to capitalize on every opportunity," Dash told the Journal. Officials at Roc-a-fella records did not return repeated calls for this story.

'Capitalize on every opportunity' means 'encourage young black males to become alcoholics'.

Noted conservative Russell Kirk once debated black activist Malcolm X. After the debate Malcolm X told Dr. Kirk that he didn't have a problem with conservatives, but rather the liberal who insisted on the benefit of having a liquor store on the corner in every black neighborhood. Mr. Little had some things right.

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