Thursday, June 24, 2004


Those attending Esther's (that's Madonna for you nonsophisticates) concerts have been treated to some Hebrew on the screen, but it seems it may not quite be Hebrew:
Fans in New York and other cities have been scratching their heads, though, trying to figure out what the Hebrew letters that flash on a video screen during part of Madonna's show mean....

Thanks to our friends Seth and Gigi, who'd been in the mosh pit dancing up a sweat, we finally broke the code....

The Hebrew letters don't spell out Hebrew words, my friends. They spell out English words, which is quite bizarre.

Seth showed us his special bracelet that allowed him into the mosh pit. On it were three Hebrew letters that looked like they spelled out a Hebrew word. Then we realized the letters sounded out to read: "Love."

But lest you think, Esther isn't serious about her new faith you'll find she's even proudly displaying the message of Kabbalah on her t-shirt:
The rest of the Hebrew involved in the show also seemed to be gibberish, at best. But Madonna invoked Kabbalah and her superficial interest in Judaism several other times during the evening, besides wearing a T-shirt that read "Kabbalists Do It Better."

And there you have it. Faith for the new age.

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