Monday, June 07, 2004


The former President will lie in state, with memorial services to be held at his library and a state funeral in Washington.

When I was growing up, the President was Ronald Reagan. I don't mean he happened to be President, but rather in my mind that's who the President was supposed to be. He was elected when I was 10 and left office when I was a freshman in college. My family was (is) strongly Republican, and all seemed right as far as the President was concerned. My politics have changed somewhat since that time (moving to the right--we'll not go into that here), but as I look at Reagan and the men who have held the office since then his stature only grows. Compare him with Ford and Carter and Bush I and Clinton in your mind and you'll see what I mean, I think.

In my lifetime, Reagan has been the only person I can think of who truly would qualify as a Great Man. He challenged many of our nation's socialist assumptions and stared the Soviet Union in the eyes, making them flinch. He always spoke of God in a relaxed manner. Despite his lack of of formal faith, he clearly did believe in God's power and was not ashamed to speak of it. By the sheer force of his personality and will he reinvigorated the Presidency.

I had the good pleasure of seeing Ronald Reagan once. It was during my freshman year of college, when he was campaigning for George Bush. The President came to Bowling Green, Kentucky and spoke at Western Kentucky University. I used my high level College Republican connections to secure tickets. It was the only time I've seen a sitting President.

Who knows when (if) we shall see his like in this decadent nation again.

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