Monday, June 21, 2004


Faced with ever rising hemlines, Kesgrave High School in Suffolk, England has banned skirts altogether:
A secondary school in Suffolk has become the first in Britain to ban girls from wearing skirts and order them to switch to uniforms with long trousers.

The decision by Kesgrave High School, near Ipswich, was reached after warnings were ignored and hemlines crept up to "inappropriate" levels. The new policy will come into effect in September.

"These days girls wear very short skirts which is against the school uniform policy," explained Margaret Young, one of the governors.

"Two years ago we sent out letters to parents asking them to make sure skirts were regulation length, which is just above the knee. The impact was short-lived and it wasn't long before skirts were very short again.

Adds Ms. Young:
"We simply do not want our girls going outside with a 'come-hither look'.

The eternal refrain reappears: Where are these parents?

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